Maraton - Your Personal Trainer

Your Personal Trainer to follow your walks and runs.
Update data
First, record your basic data of height, weight, age, and beats in Update Data.
Register Exercise
Then, daily record your Hikes or Races, entering the date, the distance you traveled and the time, in Register Exercise.
Physical State
Based on the information you entered, in Physical State, you will have a profile with information about:

  • BMI - Body Mass Index;
  • mTR - minimum of heart rate for exercise;
  • MTR - Maximum heart rate for exercise.

Beyond the range of beats to maintain your health, aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
In Exercises you will find a list of all the walks and races you have registered.
With date, distance traveled and time spent.
In Averages you will be presented your best and worst time and average per Km, calculated based on the data recorded for the exercises.
Moreover, it still has a timer that can be used independently for the most different features.
See, through these ScreenShots how this app will stay on your device:
What are you waiting for to get in shape and start a new life?
Download it now from the Google Play Store:
Additional Information
only 1.3 M
Current version:
Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher
Free classification


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