Whip - The Big Bang Theory

In a tribute to the famous series The Big Bang Theory we are proud to present to you the Chicote application, which appears in one in its episode 19 of the fifth season.

But in our application we seek to facilitate its use and improvements to satisfy and provide you with an unparalleled experience, leading us to believe that we have been able to produce one of the best applications on the market.As soon as you finish downloading - through:
Just move it like a real whip or touch the screen!Without ads and permissions, this application produces the sound effect of a whip similar to that used in the famous series The Big Bang Theory.Inspired and dedicated in honor of the Sheldon she wears on the show.Use your Android device as your ultimate weapon of fun and play with your new virtual whip!Simple to useJust move your phone up, down or to the sides to make your whip snap!Ideal for playing with your friends.The application turns your phone into a real whip.You'll whip like a pro instantly.Make use of this tool at the right time for epic laughter.It serves as a motivational tool.It is the best whip application available in the market.This tool allows you to:
  • Use the whip to motivate
  • Use the whip to master
  • Use the trainer whip to be feared
  • Use the whip to play
  • Use the whip to show that you are the boss
  • Use the whip to be heard
INSTRUCTIONSPick up the phone and make a move as if you were using a real whip and you will hear a whip sound.Touch the Menu on your Smartphone to see your options and instructions. Learn more about our wonderful application by going to:


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