Zener ESP

Train your mind! Can you tell which is the next letter?
Do you think you have Sixth Sense?
So now is the time to challenge your mind !!!
Zener- Trainer is an application designed to test your ESP skills where you are asked to guess the correct chart that will be displayed in sequence.
The ESP Letters, initially called Zener Letters, are used to conduct extrasensory perception (ESP) experiments, most often of clairvoyance.
To get started, focus on the letter that comes to you and try to "guess" or psychically know the symbol of the next.
A score followed by 20% or more indicates potential ESP capability.
You can invite another person to do the tests with you, with one being the transmitter and the other the receiver.
Gradually train your psychic mind and get the skills hidden in your brain.
With training and persistence, you can gradually increase your power. But remember, "this is just a game" ...
ESP-Cards form a set consisting of five different simple symbols:
Empty circle - representing a curved line, in orange color;
Greek cross - formed by two red lines that intersect;
Waves - composed of three wavy and vertical blue lines;
Square - consisting of four black lines at the ends;
Star - possessing five green hollow tips.
There are five cards each in a pack of 25.
  • In the experiments of J.B.Rhine, some techniques were developed for its use:
  • In Telepathy experiments, the "sender" looks at a series of cards, while the "receiver" guesses the symbols;
  • In order to try to observe Clairvoyance, the "receiver" guesses the sequence of them before the deck of cards is opened;
  • To try to observe Premonition, the order of the cards is determined after the assumptions made.
Have fun and good luck!
This app is free.
It has no third-party ads!
It has a universal configuration, capable of being fully understood in all languages.
Smartphones and Tablets operating with OS GNU Linux Android.
From version 2.3.3 - API Level 10 - Gingerbread, released in December 2010.
Here's how it is:

Only 11 MB.
Download right now by:
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